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Dear Denise

Dear Denise, I think about you all the time. I hear your words of wisdom in my head as I go to auditions and meetings, when I talk to friends we’ve shared, or when I’m reminiscing. Every single time I say “copy that” (your signature phrase),...

Never A Dull Moment

Call me biased, but New Yorkers are the best! I don’t know how people in this town got the reputation for being so unapproachable and mean. Ok, I’ll give you that New Yorkers are most often in a hurry. We expect things to go quickly, to never break our stride, and we...

Hold On, But Wait, Come Back

I am a world-class worrier. If there is something to fret about, over analyze, lose sleep over, or in general anguish about, I will trump any one of you. I pick apart every thought, decision, and choice I make – not on a daily basis, not on an hourly basis, but on a...