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Can We All Get Along?

“Can we all get along”, asked Rodney King at a press conference following the 1992 riots that sprung up in Los Angeles following the acquittal of four police officers on trial for excessively beating him after a high speed chase. I lived in Los Angeles at the time and...

If Music Be The Food Of Love

  Music is so powerful. We have all experienced the power of song. A melody can take us right back to a memory, as if we’re living it again. There are times I swear a song can even muster up particular smells from a day gone by. Music has the ability to capture...

Chivalry vs. Feminism

Oddly, it isn’t feminism in the strictest sense of the word that made think on this subject. It was a situation with an elderly woman attending a recent gala award ceremony that stirred these thoughts in me. I witnessed younger men refuse to give up their seats for an...