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54 at 54

My husband had his 54th birthday this week, but I ended up with a gift too, in the form of a life lesson. I had been having a tricky time figuring out what to get Patrick for his birthday. My friend Stuart sparked an idea to celebrate Patrick’s 54th at 54 Below,...

That’s Chicago!

I’m coming to the end of my run in CHICAGO, the musical, on Broadway. Any fans out there living in NYC, near NYC, or are planning a trip to NYC, you have through this weekend to catch me as Roxie Hart. It’s been my run in CHICAGO that’s kind of kept me from posting...

Unexpected Smiles

I was recently greeted at the stage door by a young man named Christopher following a performance of CHICAGO. He was eager to tell me he was a huge fan and to share with me his passions and excitement around acting, philanthropic efforts, and his new blog about...