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A DIY Rainbow Goddess

I planned for today’s blog to be about a friend of mine — her wonderful achievements, and why I admire her so much. But then the landscape of my news and social media became saturated with rainbows and I wondered if I should save my idea to write about Kate, and...

Can We All Get Along?

“Can we all get along”, asked Rodney King at a press conference following the 1992 riots that sprung up in Los Angeles following the acquittal of four police officers on trial for excessively beating him after a high speed chase. I lived in Los Angeles at the time and...

If Music Be The Food Of Love

  Music is so powerful. We have all experienced the power of song. A melody can take us right back to a memory, as if we’re living it again. There are times I swear a song can even muster up particular smells from a day gone by. Music has the ability to capture...