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Language Barrier

The other night I was at a birthday party for one of the people in the show that Patrick is rehearsing now. I love opportunities like this. I get so excited to be a part — be it a tangential part — of Patrick’s world. I like getting to know the company...

Have A Nice Day

I’m in the elevator of my apartment building, I’m perusing my iPad, when an older gentleman in the elevator says, “Whatcha workin’ on?” I tell him I’m just pulling up an email for my appointment. He says, “Oh. Well, I’m doing laundry.” I smile and say, “That’s never...


Oh, elusive sleep. It is 4:30am and you have left me. You left over two hours ago. Disappeared. Not be to found again, at least not today. Insomnia is a bitch. I consider myself fortunate when it comes to this dreadful onslaught of deprivation because I don’t suffer...