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In Love ‘Til the End

Today I was going to write about an obnoxious experience I had at the UPS store – a frustrating example of infuriating customer service – when I came across a video of an elderly husband singing to his dying wife which caused the deluge of petty anger to escape my...

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Have you all noticed the phenomenon of not partaking in your city’s tourist attractions until friends and family come to visit? We tend to put off seeing the museums and the monuments and the attractions for when we are entertaining others. This is so true in New York...

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You Never Know

The other day I posted a question on Facebook . . . What did you want to be when you grew up, and did you achieve that goal? I am delighted and astonished to report that most of the people who commented said they did achieve their childhood dreams. Some people...

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Language Barrier

The other night I was at a birthday party for one of the people in the show that Patrick is rehearsing now. I love opportunities like this. I get so excited to be a part -- be it a tangential part -- of Patrick’s world. I like getting to know the company members of...

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Have A Nice Day

I’m in the elevator of my apartment building, I’m perusing my iPad, when an older gentleman in the elevator says, “Whatcha workin’ on?” I tell him I’m just pulling up an email for my appointment. He says, “Oh. Well, I’m doing laundry.” I smile and say, “That’s never...

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Oh, elusive sleep. It is 4:30am and you have left me. You left over two hours ago. Disappeared. Not be to found again, at least not today. Insomnia is a bitch. I consider myself fortunate when it comes to this dreadful onslaught of deprivation because I don’t suffer...

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Friends To The Rescue

I have the greatest friends. I just love them. They have open minds and open hearts and so much to give. Whenever I’ve needed them to step up, they have, whether it’s for me or in support of something I care about. You all probably know that I’ve been neck deep in...

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8 Life Lessons

I met the craziest, cutest, most bright-eyed, star-struck girl a few weeks ago. She actually managed to track me down at Broadway Dance Center. When I came out of the school she literally threw her arms around my body and told me she loved me and I was her idol and it...

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Silence Is Golden

Silence may be golden, but it can also be a big pain in the butt when it’s inflicted upon you in the form of vocal rest and you are not allowed to speak for fear of ruining your vocal cords forever. Geez. As many of you know, that is my current situation having just...

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Surgery was a piece of cake. P’shaw.

This is the email I sent out to my family after my surgery today: Hi everyone, I'm already home and have even had lunch. Surgery went very well. Psuedo-cyst on vocal cord officially "popped". FINALLY! My anesthesiologist was a hoot. Super hip and fun. She really put...

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